History Of The Denizen Amendment

From Boston to San Diego, Detroit to New Orleans; from rural farms to the busy streets; billions of lives, millions of dollars, thousands of people, and hundreds of organizations have affected the movement for the constitutional freedom of animals and trees.  Sponsored publically June fifteenth, two-thousand thirteen, this article, unlike all others before it, is intended for the purpose of the emancipation of nonhumans and trees. Following the ideas that sovereignty of the United States lies with the People with their non-fleeting interests, and that the State is the totalpublic or entire interspecies community, the article is a critical step for the direction of progress, a more perfect union, and the triumph of freedom in an often dark, unreasoned world.  Reification, to make most actual and full, prior to introduction to our Congress, in the draft is provided in future versions by unincorporated association. 

Help carry the light for the Denizen Amendment’s passage as it prepares introduction to the Congress!